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Dan in uniform on the jumpseat of a Northwest Airlines DC10-30.  The DC-10 is no longer in regularly scheduled passenger service in the United States.  It is one of the best aircraft of all time!

Dan flew the DC-10 for many years.  It's truly a "gentleman's aircraft" because it's so comfortable.

We flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Manila, Philippines in January 2005 on a Kuwait Airways A340.

The pilots were very nice and invited Dan up to the cockpit for take-off.  Sara enjoyed the service in First Class!

Dan  turned around before boarding our LAN A320 flight from Cusco-Lima, Peru.

Foreign airlines consistently board the aircraft through the forward and aft doors if they're using stairs instead of jetways.  Makes boarding 125 people a lot easier!

On final to LIM (Lima, Peru) in February 2004 on board a LAN A320.

With the Star Alliance US Airways 757-200 in Cancun, Mexico, February 2005.

Just after deplaning a Pinnacle CRJ-200 at New York's La Guardia.  We did a day trip IND-LGA-IND.

Check out the reflection of the Delta Air Lines MD-88 on the nose of the CRJ!

Dan horsing around on the Air France flight from PPT-LAX.  Thanks to Gilles, Muriel, Martin and Manon for the beautiful shell leis!

Cavern City Airport, in Carlsbad, NM, August 2004. 

Carlsbad is the gateway to Carlsbad Caverns National Park.  Find more information at www.nps.gov/cave

We were the only ones there that afternoon.  The only aircraft on the ramp was a Mesa Beach 1900D.

Just before boarding our Lufthansa A321 flight from Frankfurt to Prague in December 2004.

This was our first ride on an A321.

Dan pauses before boarding our Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) DASH-8 Q-400 flight flight from Prague to Copenhagen in December 2004.

This was our first ride on a Q-400 as well!

Dan's artistic shot of retired but not forgotten TWA DC9s parked in the desert at Roswell, NM. in August 2004.

Who remembers Legend Airlines, the DC-9 luxury airline that operated for a short time in the early 21st Century? 

We took this photo of one of Legend's DC-9s parked at Kingman, AZ in July 2002.

Dan upon arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal in September 2003.

We flew on Thai Airways from Bangkok.

Just prior to boarding our Buddha Air flightseeing trip from Kathmandu, Nepal to Mount Everest in September 2003.

It was a great flight in a Beech 1900D, but we wish the passenger windows hadn't been tinted.

We later learned this is the aircraft involved in a crash landing that destroyed the aircraft and killed those on board a few years ago.

In the jumpseat of a 727-251 from DTW-MEB in January 2003.  What a sad day that was when the 727s were retired to Maxton, NC.

We've also ferried 747s and DC9s to their final resting place (at least from Northwest). It's always sad that the airplane was perfectly fine to fly in but upon landing has no future.

Dan shares a laugh with our friend, Art Smit-Roeters at the old IND (Indianapolis, IN) terminal.  Art is a volunteer at the airport several times a week.  His duties include assisting travelers and answering questions.

IND opened a new passenger terminal in November 2008. It's beautiful and looks nothing like the old one. but, we miss our old terminal.

Dan's a great flight instructor and pilot of small airplanes.

Here he is in the left seat of our Cessna 172, N2251Z in July 2003. 

We owned the airplane with our friend Bill Tatum.  We sold our 172 in June 2005.

Dan and Gilles Grouiller, our friend who lives in Tahiti, with our Cessna 172 at Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in 2004.

We no longer own N2251Z. We sold her and she now lives and flies in Regina, Canada under a different registration.

Dan and a fellow Northwest pilot in the galley of a new Northwest Airlnes A330 in October 2004.

Northwest operated both the A330-200 and A330-300 types; they're now operated by Delta Air Lines.

Dan and Sara with our friend Naohiro Haruta.  Haruta-san is a mechanic for Northwest Airlines at Tokyo's Narita Airport (NRT).  We were on our way to BKK in September 2003 and he was working that day!

The view from 87K on board a Northwest Airlnes B747-251 from LAX-NRT in September 2003.  Sara's favorite seat on any aircraft.

What a beautiful sight!

Here's Dan at Seattle's Museum of Flight at Boeing Field (BFI).  This is the Museum's newest acquisition and is open to the public.

Also parked in the "airpark" are an American Airlines 727-200, Boeing's first 747-100 "The City of Everett", a 737-200, and an Air Force One 707.  The 707 was very cool to see inside as it was mostly open with very few plexiglass barriers.

The highlight of the museum's collection is the US Air 737-201 on display serving as the theatre for the museum's "in-flight movie" on commercial air travel.  The aircraft was first in service with Piedmont Airlines as the "Tar Heel Pacemaker" before serving with US Air.  It was donated to the museum in 1995.

Northwest Airlines maintained visibility with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France and the SkyTeam Partners at Istanbul, Turkey's Attaturk International Airport.  Here's Dan in front of the sales and ticketing office prior to our departure on Austrian Arrows to Vienna, Austria.

When we flew from IST-VIE on an Austrian Arrows (Tyrolean) F-100 (ex-AA), Dan made a new friend.

Dan had a 9-day trip to Tokyo via Honolulu in April of 2006.  At NRT he was met on the aircraft by our friend Naohiro Haruta.  The next day they had lunch at a nearby sushi restaurant.

Wearing the hat was optional at Northwest Airlines.  Unlike many other pilots, Dan choose to look professional and wear the entire uniform-it's especially respected in Japan.

On July 8, 2007, Dan attended the roll-out ceremony for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  It was very exciting to see the "aircraft of the future" up close and personal.  He looks forward to flying this aircraft.

Update: Here it is 2012 and the first one has finally entered service at ANA All Nippon Airways. United Airlines is said to be taking its first one this Fall, terribly behind schedule.

Here's Dan flying the Airbus A320.  "Sit back and relax folks, it's a beautiful day for flying!" He flew the A319/A320 for two years at Northwest Airlines.