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Here we are with the city of Cusco, Peru in the background.

We had such a wonderful time in Peru and would strongly urge everyone to visit Machu Picchu.  It can be a bit difficult adjusting to the altitude, but the sights, sounds, and people are wonderful.

Dan on the train to Aguas Calientes, the city at the bottom of the gorge where Machu Picchu is located.

Spent one night in A.C. and headed back to Cusco the next day.  We met a great couple named Terri and Fred from Huntington Beach, CA, as well as ran into Dan's old friend Peku Karu and his girlfriend, Lauren, on the train back to Cusco.  What a small world!

What did we tell you about the llamas?  They're cute!  Well, the alpacas qualify as more cute than the llamas, but they are certainly fun to see.   There were about a dozen llamas and alpacas roaming the site.

Here's Sara at the Natural Bridge in Aruba.

We had a great time in Aruba and really enjoyed the snorkeling trip on the Jolly Pirate as well as the hike up to the top of Mt. Hooiberg.

Update:  The Natural Bridge has collapsed.  Like New Hampshire's famed Old Man in the Mountain, the bridge collapsed shortly after our visit.  Honestly, we had nothing to do with its demise.

Aye, Captain!

While visiting St. Louis, MO, in May 2004 for the Regional Airline Association convention, Sara was lucky to be chosen the Honorary Captain of the media dinner's riverboat!  She had a First Mate at her beck and call, and was able to navigate the Mississippi River pretty well!

In September we went to Papeete, Tahiti to visit our friend Gilles and his family. 

Here's Dan on the beach at sunset.  It was so gorgeous and the snorkeling was absolutely stunning.  You can go snorkeling right from the beach, but make sure you wear shoes as there are many urchins and fish with poisonous spines that you can step on unknowingly.

Sara with Manon, the daughter of our friend Gilles, just before we went sea kayaking in the lagoon.  We took our snorkeling gear with us and checked out the artificial reef in the middle of the lagoon.  At the bottom are several boats and a Cessna small airplane!  There were lots of sea anemones in many colors.

Dan used to fly to regularly to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Sara went with him on a trip in November 2004. 

While in Amsterdam, they took a 40km bike ride to the north of the city.  The Dutch have great paved bike paths all over the country making it very easy to get from one town to the next on two wheels.  That day we visited Broek in Waterland, Monnickendam, Marken, and Volendam.  We enjoyed biking along the canals and eating poffertjes by the sea in Volendam!  It only rained on our way back into Amsterdam, so we lucked out.

In December 2004 we visited Prague and Copenhagen.  Here's Dan out in front of the Prague Airport.  Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture.  What are you waiting for?  Go now!

Prague Castle from the Karlov Bridge.

In February 2003 we went down to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica to visit Dave, Dan's brother.

We flew to San Jose, Costa Rica, then connected to Sansa and flew in a Cessna Caravan to Puerto Jimenez.  Here we are with the pilots of our flight on the gravel strip that is the airport in PJM.  You'll notice we wore shorts and t-shirts--not normal non-rev passenger attire.  The reason?  We bought tickets because we do not have an interline agreement with Sansa.

When we visited Dave in the jungle of Costa Rica in early in 2003, taking a "walk in the jungle" became simply taking a walk.

There are many things to see on the walks like three-toed sloths, toucans, iguanas, and howler monkeys, but there are also many things you won't see until it's too late: like pit vipers.  So, we decided to keep mainly to trails and wait for the wildlife to come to us.  Of course, it did and we were rewarded with many toucan, iguana and howler monkey sightings.

Here's Dave Gradwohl in action hanging 10 on the waves off Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica.

Go, Dave, go!

In June 2003 we went to Mexico City for a few days.

One of our favorite excursions was out to Teotihuacan, where you'll see us here on top of the Temple of the Sun.  It was a steep hike to the top, but well worth the view!

While walking around Mexico City we visited the anthropology museum, saw the Valadores, and came across this monument to Benito Juarez. 

Sara looks like she's running for president standing up there!

Knowing us as you do, you know one of our favorite things to do is eat!  Here's Dan at our favorite taco restaurant near the Sheraton Maria Isabel.  The tacos were spicy, the salsa was hot, and the beer was cold.  It doesn't get any better than that!

In July Sara was invited to Cincinnati to see a restored Delta Air Lines DC-3 aircraft.  Here's the aircraft on the ramp, glimmering in the sun. 

What a beauty!

Attendees were invited to board the aircraft as part of the event.

As we boarded the aircraft we were asked to remove our shoes and slip on booties, and also to put on white gloves to keep any dirt and oils off the aircraft surfaces.  I think the white gloves go quite well with Sara's 1940s-style dress!

In September 2003 we went on a three-week trip to Asia.

Our itinerary included Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Here's Sara getting into the "spirit" at the Royal Palace in Bangkok.  These figures (including Sara?) are meant to scare away evil spirits.

Dan and Sara in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chaing Mai is located in Northern Thailand where it is cooler and less crazy than Bangkok.  The food is amazing.

There are still a lot of people, but it isn't as congested and polluted as Bangkok.

On Sara's birthday we went to Mae-sa Elephant Camp near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We watched the elephants demonstrate their talents and skills through moving logs, playing football (soccer), and even painting!

After the show we went on a one-hour elephant ride through the jungle.  We were glad we were on a sure-footed elephant when the rain started and it got muddy!

In case you're wondering, we weren't the only ones on the elephant during the ride.  Our mahout got off just this once to take our photo!

Here's a photo Dan took of Mount Everest while we were on a flightseeing trip on Buddha Air from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Really, this is the closest I want to come to this mountain.  One fact you maybe didn't know is the late Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to summit Mt. Everest with sherpa Tenzing Norgay) was a beekeeper!

Dan in Kathmandu's Buddha Stupa complex, the world's largest stupa.

His hand is on a prayer wheel with letters that spell out Om Mani Padme Hum which translates into Hail to the Jewel in the lotus.

When you spin the wood handle clockwise (says Buddha), you send good karma into the universe.  Thanks, Dan!

We were in the Old City of Kathmandu in Durbar Square and wanted to be in Thamel for lunch.  We had seen many locals using rickshaws for transportation, so we hired this gentleman to take us on a short 10-minute ride.

It was a very affordable and neat way to travel.  As it was quite warm, this was a good way to conserve some energy and get to lunch quickly!

The tarps above the driver and Sara serve two purposes:  they keep both sun AND rain off the occupants!

The stupa of Swayanbuhnath, one of the most recognizable sites in Kathmandu.

We liked the prayer flags so much we brought several strings home with us and hung them on our front porch.  So what if Sara's parents think it looks like a car dealership?

There are lots of monkeys who live in the Swayanbuhnath complex.  Most of them can be quite a nuissance begging for food, but here's one showing off his gymnastic prowess.

Sara and Dan in the highlands of Bali, Indonesia.

After we were married in Maui in September 1999, we honeymooned in Bali.  We returned in January 2002, then we went again in September 2003.

It is one of our favorite places to visit in the world.  The people are very friendly, helpful, and outgoing; and the food is terrific!

Here's Dan with two of our friends at Puri Saraswati in Ubud, Bali.  We have stayed at this hotel each of the three times we have visited Bali.

If you're ever in Ubud, look them up!

Our other favorite place to stay is Bali Wisata Bungalows in Yeh Ganga Beach, near Tanah Lot.  Peter Falkenburg will take very good care of you and you'll enjoy the view of the ocean from your bungalow.

The walks through the nearby village and rice paddies are a great way to start your day.

In December 2003 we took a short trip to New York City.

We spent two nights and enjoyed walking around the city and eating very good food (Indian, Thai, and Gyros).

Here's Dan in front of the iconic toystore, FAO Schwartz.