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Welcome to our site where you'll find all sorts of interesting information and photos from Dan & Sara's recent trips.  "Sure," you say.  "Just what I need, another family slide show."  Well, um, yes, that's exactly what you're going to see!  So, sit down, relax, make a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy a smooth Scotch or Bourbon and get comfortable. We hope you have as much fun here as we have had taking the trips to make the site!

Since Sara's not always on top of updating this site, you can go to gradwohltravels.shutterfly.com for more recent photos.

In case you missed it, our names are Dan & Sara.  Together we share a love of traveling the world, but there's more on that subject on other pages.

Sara is as unique as they come.  Like Dan she is interested in aviation and has a a collection of aircraft models.  She plans to try building a model aircraft in the coming months.  Sara used to do media relations for a major US airline but retired in 1999. Today she is a "professional" traveler and sometimes works as a seasonal United States National Park Ranger.

It really is her hobbies that sets her apart.  Her favorite hobby is traveling and experiencing new things, especially if they involved our national parks.  But, she also has many other hobbies including website design, playing musical instruments, gardening, reading, home improvement, and food.  Her favorite instruments to play are currently the ukulele and the five-string banjo.

Dan and Sara make a great couple and what one doesn't know, the other probably does!  Sara has a knack for trivia and remembering odd information that has helped her win several trivia contests-including beating Dan! Another common interest they share is eating street food all over the world.
Dan is a master of all things airline.  Over the years he has accumulated quite a collection of airline timetables and annual reports, which Sara is trying to keep under control.

He became interested in airplanes while watching small aircraft fly overhead his elementary school in Mar Vista, CA.  He is currently a 747-400 first officer for a major US airline and is based in DTW. That shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. He was recently a captain on the DC-9 and loved it! Dan is also a Gold Seal CFI/CFII (flight instructor) and taught Sara how to fly.  She earned her private pilot's license in September 2001, several weeks after 9/11.

Dan is active in the Air Line Pilots Association, where he serves as a vice-chairman of his airline's Retirement & Insurance committee. He has served as National Jumpseat Committee Chairman and was a a local council representative for seven years.  His hobbies include airlines (obviously), travel, finance/economics, reading an unbelievable number of newspapers and magazines, hiking and biking.

He has about 16 days off each month, which allows us to travel--and we do!

We were married on the island of Maui, Hawai'i in 1999,  We lived on Maui for two years before moving to our current home near Indianapolis, IN. 

Present at the wedding were Phil Brooks (best man), Alan and Dorie Gradwohl (Dan's parents), Betty and David Steig (Sara's parents) and Leah Steig (maid of honor). 

Alan and Dorie Gradwohl live in the Los Angeles area.  They're both retired, but enjoy reading, watching movies, assembling puzzles, and walking on the beach.  In addition to Dan, they have two other children: Judy and Dave.

Dave lives in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica where he spends much of the year surfing.

Judy Gradwohl has two children, Jeremy and Natalie. She lives in the Washington, DC area and works for the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Jeremy is in college and Natalie is in high school. 

Although the website is www.gradwohl.org, it wouldn't be right if Sara didn't include any information on her side of the family.

David and Betty Steig, live in Pigeon Falls, WI.  They are both retired and enjoy spending time at their lake home in Wisconsin's North Woods.  They also enjoy traveling, golfing, knitting, and reading.

Sara's younger sister Leah is an advertising media guru and lives in Inver Grove Heights, MN with her husband Ryan and their two dogs. 

Sara's older brother Marc lives with his wife Dawn, and two daughters in Pigeon Falls, WI, not too far from Sara's mom and dad. Hannah is in college and Melaina is in high school.